20-4 [Grasp of Malok]

step your FAME up

y’know i had a rare (blue) suros pulse rifle – max-fire-rate with counter balance (nothing fancy) that i used to use in crucible most of the time in year 1. the grasp of malok that i kept from the omnigul farming is just a better legendary version of that. wasn’t farming for grasps but now i’m happy to have it.

Clash – 19-3 (Grasp of Malok – DPS Edition)

step your FAME up

Grasp of Malok : Red Dot OAS / Danger Close / Braced Frame / Spray & Play [FTW]

Most people consider Headseeker / Glass half-full blah blah blah etc. a god-roll.. Well ya’ll can rub that shit on ur chest because stability / handling / reload speed will always out-DPS your sideways shooting / slow-to-reload occasionally five-to-ten-percent-extra-damage-bonus TURD!