Darren Bachan

About Me

Hey! I’m Darren, a Web Designer. I believe that a good brand is defined by the experience of its clients. My passion is to make these experiences better and more pleasing.

  • PSN: ShaDoW-SlaYa
  • Xbox One: Le Red Viper
  • Wii U: ShaDoW-SlaYa
  • Steam: shadowslaya89
  • Battle.net: ShaDoWSlaYa

How to add an Upcoming Game


Discussion over what games are coming out is my solution to users voting on what games they’re getting. The skills required to do something like that are out of my depth, so I hope this works in a similar way where if you see the title of a game you plan on getting you can drive conversation on that page.

Welcome to the site!


I built this website for a few reasons. I’m currently teaching myself Front-End Web Development and thought that this site would be a great learning experiencing to learn and to create a place for my clan.